Delay on thirteen tracks - Marcel Visser

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Delay on thirteen tracks                  

It’s five o’clock, chaos and trouble
In the station hall
It’s five o’clock, it’s rush hour
Work is done I want to go home

It’s ten minutes past eight
And I’m staring’ at the stones
It’s ten minutes past eight
And everybody’s calling home

It’s ten o’clock, no chance to depart
Still standing on platform four
It’s ten o’clock, what do we do
The speaker’s already gone home

Delay on each and every track
They say the wheels ain’t round
Power broke down and computers crashed
Delay on thirteen tracks
Delay on fourteen tracks
Delay on fifteen tracks

we won’t get home today
hey baby why don’t we stay
I have to make one more call
Then take a pizza from the wall
dancing dancing, dancing in the station hall
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